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Get Involved...

Help Your School

Brainstorm with classmates, teachers, and school officials about how you can spread the word about respect. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Organize a school assembly and invite local celebrities to talk about respect.
  • Put up Choose Respect materials in the school.
  • Plan a Choose Respect Awareness Day.
  • Write a miniseries or play about two teens who are dating, the problems they go through, and how they choose respect. Perform it onstage, broadcast it during morning announcements, or post it on the school's website.
  • Write a survey asking for people's opinions about dating, teen dating abuse, etc., and pass it out.
  • Help organize a school contest related to Choose Respect. For example, ask students to draw a design for an art mural that depicts respect, and the winner would get to create the mural. Get other schools in the area to participate in the contest, too.
  • Talk with peer educators and school counselors about how they can integrate Choose Respect messages when they meet with students.
  • Design promotional items like water bottles and book covers that have messages about respect on them.
  • Organize a school fund-raiser to benefit a local domestic violence organization or shelter.
  • Invite your parents to get involved in making the school safer.
  • Be part of developing school policies to deal with dating abuse, like adding more lights to the hallways and outside corridors.