Teens Speak Up

Dating abuse is real and can happen to anyone. View our video to hear stories from teens that have been in abusive relationships, and learn how you can recognize and prevent it.

Get the Facts...

What's Dating Abuse?

Dating abuse is a pattern of violent behavior-physical, emotional, or sexual-by one partner in a dating relationship toward the other partner.

Dating abuse may be:


  • Pinching, shoving, slapping, grabbing, etc.
  • Intimidation (blocking doors, throwing objects)
  • Use of weapons


  • Unwanted touching
  • Forced sexual activities
  • Pressure to have sex
  • Threats to find someone who will do what he or she wants sexually


  • Put-downs, insults, and rumors
  • Threats
  • Possessiveness
  • Overdependency
  • Huge mood swings
  • Humiliation
  • Accusations
  • Withdrawal of attention
  • Isolation from friends or activities
You might be thinking, "I've never experienced anything as serious as being punched!" But hold on a sec.

In general, guys and girls don't usually start hitting their girlfriend or boyfriend out of the blue. It usually starts after a history of verbal and emotional abuse, which is far more likely to occur among young teens. If nothing is done about that abuse, it's likely to become more severe and start including sexual and physical abuse.