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Promoting the Choose Respect Website

As community partners, you have an important role in promoting the Choose Respect Initiative! Here are some guiding principles:

Become familiar with the website.

The more you know about the website and its features, the better you'll be at promoting it.

Get involved and ask partners to get involved.

Use every opportunity to promote Choose Respect. Also, think of your partners in different areas such as nonprofit organizations, schools, radio stations, and local businesses. Spread the word about Choose Respect to them, too.

Be creative!

Think of different messengers, channels, and venues that you can use to promote Choose Respect.


  • Pass out Choose Respect materials.
  • Encourage people to visit the website.
  • Organize contests requiring use of the website, such as Best Music Video or Best Gallery Art).
  • Write an article about the Choose Respect Initiative and website in e-newsletters.
  • Post success stories on the website.
  • Link to the Choose Respect website
  • Incorporate Choose Respect in your e-mail signature. Example: "Respect. Give It. Get It. Go to"
  • Use the "Tell-a-Friend" feature on the website.
  • E-mail materials from the website.
  • Bookmark the website.
  • Include the Choose Respect logo and URL in your organization's materials.