: Preventing Dating Abuse : Parents



Set Rules about Dating

When it comes to your child and the dating scene, it is good for you to set some clear, sensible ground rules that are appropriate for your child's age. Carry out these rules every time. It might be helpful to meet the parents of your child's friends so that you can get to know them and set the same rules. Below are some rules for you to consider:

Before dating:

  • Set an age when your child can date and be clear with him/her about it. Stand by the age you have set for dating and resist giving in to pressure from your child.
  • Set up good date behavior.
  • Make your family rules clear (e.g., no alcohol or drug use on any date).

When your child is ready to date:

  • Dates must be introduced to you
  • Remind your child that dates cannot be invited into the house unless a parent is at home.
  • Dates are also not allowed in a room in the house with the door closed.
  • Encourage supervised group activities or double dates.
  • Set up and enforce curfew rules.
  • Before your teen leaves home, get details of the date.
  • Find out who is driving.
  • Remind them to call home for help if problems develop.