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Make Your Community Safer

Parents can get involved in changing the environment in which their kids face difficult challenges and choices. The more your community supports the healthy development of kids and positive relations with others, the easier it will be for you as a parent. So be sure to get involved in your community.

Here are tips on how to help make your community safer:

  • Encourage schools and other community organizations to adopt and enforce alcohol-, drug-, and smoke-free environments.
  • Join community organizations that promote policies to help kids, like restricting the marketing of tobacco or reducing community violence.
  • Support businesses that promote healthy choices for kids.
  • Help other kids in your community by becoming a mentor to them, or by equipping them to become a mentor to younger kids.
  • Get involved with the youth group at your place of worship or local community center.

Youth leaders, social service workers, schools, community leaders, and parents can play a pivotal role in reducing teen dating violence within communities, particularly if they collaborate with other community organizations. Many communities, youth groups, schools, and parents have already launched or participated in programs designed to prevent or reduce incidents of teen dating violence, such as Choose Respect.

For examples of projects from around the country demonstrate the strength of the collaborative approach, visit the Partners page or the Press Room.